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Are you constantly finding yourself too wrapped up in your beliefs about your imperfections? Are you letting these thoughts getting the way of feeling good?

Is that inner view of yourself sabotaging your ability to have a happy and fulfilled life?

In today's society, there's a lot of pressure to be 'perfect. Face it, we all have imperfections, and we should, these are what makes us perfectly individual. Harshly criticizing yourself for not being perfect can lead to feelings of self-hatred and failure.

Learning to love yourself and embrace your imperfections is the key. Let us dig a little deeper into why it so important not only to embrace but also to benefit from understanding your imperfection and why they make you imperfectly you.

Positive Imperfections

Seeing your imperfections in a positive light not only allows you to embrace them but to see them for what they truly are. Believe it or not, but there are some positive to your imperfections. For example, if you are like many, suffer with anxiety, you may constantly be beating yourself up for not doing things that others may find easy. However, there is a positive to having anxiety, and that is more often, it makes you more empathetic. And yes, the world can do with more people that have empathy.

What you see as a flaw may be considered by others as attractive, those freckles you hate, others may love. Being too short, maybe something others find cute or desirable. So, start to look for positives in your flaws and not only will you realize that everyone has them, but you may find yourself seeing them as a powerful part of who you are.

Freeing Up Your Mind

When you get so caught up in focusing on your imperfections, you can find yourself not only trapped but under constant pressure (from yourself) to be something else. Instead, let yourself focus on embracing them, and allowing that action, to set you free. Nothing is more freeing than living your best life without the constant weight of your own expectations. Become weightlessness from critiquing yourself on things that are part of you and set yourself free to be more confident.

Focus on You, Not the Parts of You

When you focus only on a specific part of you, you stop seeing the total person you truly are. Instead, let go of your self-criticism and allow your authentic self to shine through. Letting go of this need to be perfect will enable you to renew and find who you are again.

Healthier Mind, Healthier Outlook

When you live your life constantly focused on your faults, you tend not to see yourself, and you may make choices based on instant reward.

Focusing on something negative means you then desire a positive 'something', which may come in the form a sugary snack to give you a sugar rush or not reaching out to a client because you feel fat and then miss out on a value connection.

When you focus on something like your weight and make it an all-consuming imperfection, it becomes the excuse that is holding you back, over the fault that can be embraced or solved.

Stressing constantly over things that you think reduce your importance is another negative thing to impact your health and wellness. Thinking things like you’re not intelligent enough, not thin enough, not tall enough, not not not.

Thinking about them does change those things and guess what, there will always be someone more intelligent and not as intelligent, thinner, and fatter, taller, and shorter, so excepting who you are and not focusing on these imperfections is a start to embracing them.

This does not mean if you can do something to improve your life, such as if you need to lose weight and get healthy, then do so. What it means do not let the imperfection (whether you are changing it, or it cannot be changed) define you, let it be just a part of your journey in living your best life. You are not just the person with anxiety, or that short person or that overweight person. You are a person who has something that may need to be dealt with or accepted and that is only a small imperfection of who you truly are.

Do not let that imperfection define you and stop you from loving yourself as you strive to improve, over stress and self-sabotaging.

So today, think about how you can embrace your flaws. Be more positive to yourself, love yourself a little more. Even if it is just one thing, such as when you criticize yourself, you stop and say something positive. Remember, nobody is perfect, and guess what, they never will be. The sooner you accept You and know that it is okay, the better your life will become.

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