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Top businesses know the power of creating impactful visual assets for their business and that's what I want to talk about, here are five benefits of having visual content for your business and your brand.

1. People Remember

Think about this, people remember…


It’s been showcased time and time again that visuals can explain your product or message in a short amount of time and have them position you as an expert quicker.

With that being said, let’s check out some interesting stats about visual marketing…

  • 70% of marketers believe that content adorned with visuals will reap better business results in 2021.
  • 62% of internet users prefer consuming video content today.
  • 88% of marketers now prefer using visuals in their published content.
  • 84% of online communications are visual.
  • Landing pages with video lead to 800% more conversions.
  • 96% of online shoppers watch the video about a service or product.
  • 144% watched a video on a service or product and purchased it.

Visual content was already a vital part of your marketing and branding before COVID-19, and now, with more people at home, that are even more important. (Hubspot).

2. Visual Content holds your interest longer (and is quicker to process)

The thing about social media platforms, think about if you took out all the images, adds, visual aspects, would you enjoy it more. Would you lose interested, get bored not seeing images to keep you scrolling.

Would you miss that funny cat video or a meme that you laughed at? You probably would.

What about if you are looking for a product or service? Would it be as interesting it if was just text on a page? (And if the answer is yes, then move on to your next content, some can work only on the text on a page.)

It can be a good or bad thing as people scroll, but if you have created content that interests your audience, there is at least more of a chance they will stop and find out more.

Look at the two versions CNN has of its website a text-only, and it’s main site.

Which one do you think most people would prefer?

cnn text

Screenshot of CNN Text OnlySite.
CNN text-only site


Screenshot of CNN Site.
CNN Main site

What about product promotion?


This is an old mac ad.
Image from

mac ad

This is an old mac ad.
Image from Business Insider.

macbook ad

One of Apple's ads (Feb, 2021).
Image from

Video of Same Ad (Feb, 2021).

Apple understands how visual content is easier to process, as you can see in how their advertisements have evolved.
Does that mean that the written content isn’t imported, no definitely not! It just means understanding that visual content is a powerful attraction choice and that you can then follow up with additional content.

3. Appeals to Emotions.

Visual have an effect on emotions both by the imagery and the colors. Understand the psychology of color helps you to see how color can impact your emotions. And think about images.

What does this image provoke in you?


Hehe, A Little Naughty.
Image from Chalabala at Canva

What about these images?

How do you see these images, you do see how they are both dogs, but different images so provoke a different response. What about the two bodybuilders, one is focused on what he is doing and the other is looking right at you. How did they make you feel? Think about how your audience would feel when you create visual using images/

Understanding this allows you to see how important visual content is. It has the ability to appeal to people’s emotions, create a reaction and initiate a response.

4. Adds Personality

If you look at some of the most well know brands and their visual content, you will a personality shining through. This Personality allows the brand and business to connect to their audience and consistently market their product without having to take the time to reestablish their connection.

You see branding using visual personality markers all the time. Whether you buy Tiffany & Co. products or not, they are already branded in your mind. The brand established itself as being elegant, sophisticated and upper-class with a personality of charming and timeless.

Partly through a visual, that has a personality.

What about Jeep, straight away you feel it’s Personality of “Ruggedness” and adventure. Jeep’s Personality is reflected throughout all its imagery


The Toughest Vehicle in the World
Image from Jeep

5. Strengthen Brand Recognition

So this brings us to brand recognition and how being aware of the visuals you use, understanding the power and harnessing it can impact your audience enjoyment. Create connections and add them to your bottom line.

While you may know what your business stands for, what it strives to embody. Without adding relevant, brand content and visual aspects you may leave your audience and potential raving fans wanting more.

Or worse, clicking way to some other brand to find an emotional connection, whether they realise or not.

Make it easy for your audience to want what you have, making it easy for you to connect with them and become an important asset in their lives.

Now I know that sounds too much, but it isn’t really. Look at how simply you can change something and make it align.


Would you like to be able to have great visual without having to create them from scratch?


  1. Lloyd Portman on March 1, 2021 at 4:17 pm

    Great content and tips here, Tina. The stats re visual content are very significant and something I need to work with on my sites.
    Thanks for making this real.

  2. tinaflet on March 1, 2021 at 5:32 pm

    Thanks for the comment, yes the stats are interesting when you start thinking about it and it can be a great motivator to improve your own site and content.

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