Frequently Asked Questions

How do I create my own link to a page? 


Take a copy of the page URL you would like to promote and then click on the Hub - URL & Stats link in the left menu.



  1. Add the page you want to promote
  2. Add a campaign name if you wish (this is optional)
  3. Click Generate URL to get your customize promotion link

Now you will see your generated URL above the orange button, simply copy and you have your personalized affiliate link

How do you know when someone buys through my link?

Affiliate tracking is done through the id code that is on your personal affiliate link. (As you created above)

A cookie that is a little snippet of code goes on someone’s browser after clicking on your affiliate link. This cookie has your affiliate id in it, so any time that person goes to one of our sites in the future and buys something – you get a commission!

This tracking includes any products we add in the future as well and you cookie has a 90-day tracking. The only time this won’t work is if that person deletes all the cookies in their browser. That’s why it’s always good to remind your list of your recommendations and send news about new products and special offers.

How do I know when I’ve earned a commission?

If you click on the Hub - URL & Stats in the left menu you will see additional tabs where you can get information about how your affiliate links are performing.

This is your control panel area and it is where you can get affiliate tools and reports. You will be able to see all your stats including payouts, clicks and commissions.  If an item is refunded or there is a price adjustment after purchase, we will adjust your commissions appropriately and you will see this all in this area as well. If you have any issue or concerns reach out to us at

Can I buy products through my own link?

Sorry, but it is not allowed to purchase through your own affiliate link. It is also not allowed to have family members, friends, or employees purchase products for your use through your affiliate link. If we discover that you have had anyone purchase an item for your own use through your affiliate link, your account will be cancelled and deleted. This makes it fair for all customers and affiliates, including yourself.

Instead, contact us for a discount coupon and additional benefits, we want it to be a win-win. So, If you purchase an item through your own link by accident, please let us know so we can reverse the commission.

When will I get paid?

As our products have a 7 day refund period, you will get paid twice monthly on the 3rd and 17th of each month or the first weekday after that, for the commission earned in the previous period. There is a $10 minimum payout.

Can anyone promote Content Sparks' products?

Yes, as long as we feel there is a good fit between our products and your audience. You must have a PayPal account to become an On Brandable affiliate. And any earning you make are your responsibility to report and pay tax on depending on the legal requirements of where you live.

As we review each application to see if we are a good fit, it may take up to 24 hours for approval. Ideal markets for us are coaches, consultants, service providers and anyone needing business graphics. info-products to sell and marketing tools. Generic coupon sites and online wholesale stores are not a good fit and if you run these you will be rejected, so instead reach out to us and discuss your site personally. (contact us at -

What are some ways to promote On Brandable products?

There are a lot of ways to recommend and promote our products and start earning money.

You can promote our special offers, add our link to relevant content, email out our products to your list. You can add a banner or image on your website or write a blog and promote our product as part of that. You can promote on social media by using our promotional material or create your own review or videos. Another great way is to show how you are using our products and the benefits you are getting.

In our affiliate area, we not only have a section for promoting On Brandable we have sections for each product, a list of when promotions are coming up and a growing list of material and tools to help you promote On Brandable products.

Hey, I have more questions?

Great, we are happy to help, reach out to us at and ask away.